About Us

New Zealand hillsidesEssentially New Zealand Limited is headed by Reinhard Hueber, who ever since arriving in New Zealand from Germany in 1971, has been a resident of this country. Reinhard has been running his own businesses since the mid seventies and has extensive experience in domestic and international marketing.

Essentially New Zealand Limited was established in the year 2001 after a friend urged Reinhard to get involved in the representation of his product Totarol™ in the international markets. He took up the challenge, incorporated Essentially New Zealand Limited and soon afterwards also joined his friend’s R&D and manufacturing company Mende-Biotech Ltd as a shareholder and director.

Reinhard’s main experience in international marketing comes from his involvement in Rest New Zealand Tours, an inbound tour company he started in 1987 and sold after twenty five years in 2012.

Countless trips to overseas markets and his presence at many international trade fairs have made him a very experienced representative of New Zealand, a task he enjoys immensely.

The enthusiasm for New Zealand derived from his involvement in the inbound tourism industry has over the last few years also been transferred into the promotion of New Zealand made natural products and raw materials, including Totarol™. The emphasis is on items and products, which can be classified as natural, unique, environmentally friendly and typically New Zealand.

New Zealand companies who are meeting the above criteria and are seeking international representation are invited to contact us. Overseas based companies who are interested in New Zealand made natural products or raw materials (e.g. Totarol™) are also most welcome to contact us.